The Mendip Ashcott balanced flue log store gas stove provides radiant and convected heat using the latest burner technology.As well as having a variable heat output up to 7.3KW the Mendip Ashcott utilises a special control system that allows the appliance to use 3 burners for higher output or a single burner for lower outputs. The front burner is designated as the ‘Effect’ burner and this can be switched on or off whilst the appliance is alight, allowing for an impressive flame picture even when burning at a lower temperature. Natural Woodland logs add an authentic, real log fire appearance sure to leave your guests questioning whether it really is a gas fire.
The log store base raises the main body of the stove up off the floor creating the perfect freestanding focal point for your room. Use the area underneath to store pristine looking logs to complete the effect of a real wood burning stove.
The Mendip Ashcott balanced flue stove is available in Natural gas or LPG and comes with remote control as standard. The remote control allows for automatic ignition, control of the temperature as well as an automatic thermostat control. You can also activate a childproof mode via the remote control adding an extra layer of safety to young and vulnerable people within the household.

Balanced flue systems from £362.00

 Fuel type – Natural gas/ LPG
Noninal  output gas –  7.3KW
Nominal output LPG  – 7.6KW
Energy rating  – A+
Distance combustible materials rear  – 280mm
Distance combustible materials side  –  280mm
Distance to centre of top flue outlet  from back of stove- 124mm
Height to centre of rear outlet – 683mm
Colour  – Anthracite
High definition Woodland logs
Sold cast iron door.
Themostatic remote control
Suitable for glass floor plate  – Yes
Logstore base included










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