The Boticelli Celena Limestone Granite Suite
Designed to perfectly complement homes with traditional or modern styling. Classical surround features include pilaster legs with plinths, rolled edge framed mantle, and hearth with step detail.
Suite is available in all-natural Limestone, or a popular combination of  Limestone and Black Granite.
The Boticelli surround is companioned with the perfectly proportioned Celena gas fire -highly efficient,non-reflective glass fronted fire with a direct heat output of 3.9KW. The conventional flue model features a raised chunky log fuel effect. Operated by fully automatic remote control , this system allows you to select the times you wish the fire to turn on and off automatically, and includes a thermostatic setting to allow for desire pre-set room temperature.

Please note
Limestone is a natural product and as such can be subject to variation in colour and veining. Small fossils and crystal lines may also be apparent in some sections of the surround. These are not defects but mean that every suite will be entirely unique.
When you receive your surround there may be some colour variations. This is typical of limestone stone being a particularly porous material which absorbs moisture during manufacture and deep sea transport in the container. After 2-3 weeks in a room with an average temperature, the surround will dry to a consistent colour.

High quality Portuguese Limestone surround
 Black Granite back and hearth.
Non reflective glass fronted fire.
Interior – Black Enamel, Cream Vermiculite, Rustic Brick.
Rustic Log fuel bed.
Thermostatic, fully automaticremote control operation.
Suitable for Brick Chimney or Pre-Fabricated Flue.
Direct Heat Output 3.8KW.
Useful Energy efficiency 79.3%
Celena Gas Fires 25 year guarantee
1 year guarantee surround.