The ACR Neo 3PG balanced flue log gas stove is the perfect choice for modern installations. With its pedestal base the Neo 3PG has a tall standing appearance creating a stunning focal point reference for any room.
The Neo 3PG can be installed anywhere as no chimney or flue is required. Boasting an impressive 83% efficiency rating and a 6.75KW maximum output the ACR Neo 3PG is perfect for standard to larger sized living rooms. Supplied with realistic ceramic logs to ensure an impressive flame picture its hard to tell this isn’t a real log burner. The interior of the stove can be altered to a black glass effect which will enhance the flames.
The Neo 3PG includes the intelligent Symax thermostatic remote control which makes it simple to to turn the appliance on or off and adjust the heat from the comfort of your settee. The optional Myfire package allows you to operate the stove from your Smartphone or tablet.

Balanced flue systems from £362.00

 Fuel type – Natural gas/ LPG
Noninal  output gas –  6.75KW
Colour  – Anthracite
Vermiculite back panel/or glass back panel.
82.3% efficient.
High definition Woodland logs
Sold cast iron door.
Themostatic remote control
Suitable for glass floor plate  – Yes










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